The HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) Program began in 2013 with a goal to help homeless, precariously housed and financially challenged students to persist in their goal to earn a degree from Wayne State University.

Wayne State University has long been a place of both opportunity and excellence, providing access to education at a world-class research institution of higher learning. Promising students attend Wayne State with a goal to earn their degree and achieve their dreams for personal and professional success. These students come from across the country and around the world. Yet the majority of Wayne State students call Michigan their home. Nearly 90 percent of students come from the tri-county area surrounding the university and 14 percent are from the city of Detroit. As a result, Wayne State is an important contributor of professional talent in Michigan, in addition to serving as an engine of economic growth and social progress. Wayne State takes pride in ensuring all students demonstrating promise, dedication and persistence have the opportunity to earn a degree and graduate prepared for success.

Wayne State University's former first lady, Jacqueline Wilson, established the HIGH Program so that students do not have to choose between financing basic necessities and earning a degree.

Some students at Wayne State are homeless, some are precariously housed, and some must choose between paying school bills and paying for other necessities. These students may be reluctant to seek help, may lack family and community support and may face low expectations. Sometimes a helping hand, a few dollars, or consistent housing can mean the difference between earning a college degree and dropping out.

Why should you help? Students at Wayne State are working hard for a successful life. Regardless of the hardships some may face, they are determined to graduate and contribute to the world. Through the HIGH Program, you have an opportunity to transform lives.

Board of Advisors

The esteemed members of our Board of Advisors bring experience in youth advocacy, legal, business and community relations; and an invaluable connection to Wayne State University and the City of Detroit. Their involvement makes a tangible and measurable impact on the direction and success of the HIGH Program.

Student Request for Support