Shaneka Massey   

My Appreciation

Words cannot express the joy I feel inside my heart. The struggle for me has been real however, I remain positive and kept moving forward when obstacles came my way. I am a single parent taking care of two kids who is my main support system through all of this. I consider myself to be an example of someone who strives for excellence against all odds. My quote is as follows: “No matter what your situation is allow yourself to think about other possibilities before you make an impulse decision. We all have our ups and downs but how you respond determines the outcome of anything you do in life”.

I am truly thankful for this program to assist me in continuing my education and being a part of my road to success. It is programs like this that keeps people like me motivated to keep moving forward and not give up.  This is truly a blessing for me and my family.  I can focus on my education and other obligations without stressing about how I am going to pay for school and my textbooks. My life experiences have made me who I am today and for those who have contribute in this journey has changed my life immensely. I am glad to be a student here at  Wayne State University and to be a part of the Social Work program. My impact in society will be vital to whomever, I meet and the importance of making a difference in the community by bringing people together promoting positive changes.

Thank you,

Shaneka Massey         

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