The HIGH Program makes dreams come true! Due to the generosity of the HIGH Program, I am able to pay for the last semester in order to get my bachelor's degree in social work.  After a very bad divorce and being homeless, I decided to pursue higher education in order to help those who need help.  I wanted to be able to be a resource for those in need since I did not have anyone to help me, and I felt that I could do this through social work.  I appreciate the HIGH Program for helping me pay for my last semester due to my job being phased out. This award has impacted my life because didn't know how I would pay the remainder of my tuition and get my books, now I can say I have completed my requirements in order to complete this milestone in my life.  A classmate told me about the High Program,  I decided to fill out the application online and it was really easy.  I applied on Saturday and by Monday I had an answer, I was totally blown away.  I am grateful that there is a program in place that wants to help in this way.  Since my tuition is paid, I now can receive my degree and move on to helping others who need it.  HIGH Program, Thank You for your dedication to helping those in need.

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