Alison McGhee


My name is Alison McGhee, I am a College of Education student at Wayne State University. I have attended Wayne State University for going on my tenth year. Also my drive to graduate is high, so are the obstacles complicating my ability to fully attend and utilize my time here. Financial and poverty issues such as housing, tuition, school supplies, and transportation have worsened my GPA, my class attendance, and my determination and hope for graduation.

I really appreciate the HIGH program and everything that you do for needy students at the University. A HUGE problem in the last few semesters has been attaining school books and school supplies such a pencils, pens, scan trons, notebooks, and folders. The book assistance was much needed, and will relieve me of a greater part of my school supply burden.

A large drain of my daily available money is absolutely transportation. Often times I find myself having to choose between lunch or a ride to school. This makes attending class and paying attention in class difficult when you're trying to learn on an empty stomach. During the Summer the DDOT Regional Bus Pass will absolutely help me to attend class regularly and may even enable me to find part time work. Thank you.

Finally I am so disheartened by my tuition owed. I am someone who spends so much of my time working, focusing on my studies, completing my homework, and perfecting my learning that it is painful when I am unable to afford these classes. I have debated taking on extra work just to afford the path that I am on! As someone who has worked multiple jobs (sometimes simultaneously) in order to attend school, I understand that conflicting work schedules, increased demand from either entity, and even bias or prejudice to students who have to work can prevent completion or graduation for many students. I am very appreciative and grateful for the tuition assistance and late fee forgiveness. This assistance will absolutely enable me to complete my Summer semester and spring board me to a fantastic Fall semester at Wayne State University. 

Thank you so much to everyone at the HIGH Program. My demographic is often under represented, over looked, unfairly blamed for our situation, and left behind. Thank you so much for listening to my story and aiding me in my journey to graduate Wayne State University. I will absolutely use the assistance you provide me to obtain my highest and my best in my classes every day and eventually to graduate Wayne State University and obtain my degree from the College of Education in Mathematics and Spanish.

Thank you,

Alison McGhee

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