Devonte Jones

Growing up in the foster care system I had no one in my corner and I had a difficult time having a good childhood. I was adopted when I was 14 and I felt that all of my worries and troubles were over until my adopted family gave up on me and kicked me out of their home and I was again on my own. I was 22 years old when my adopted family kicked me out of their home. I have been on my own for the past year now, I made it through a full semester of college without the help of them any longer. I am apart of the TIP Program here at the Wayne State University. I was assisted with housing from the TIP Program for the last school year. At the end of the year I was faced with becoming homeless and I had no way of gaining funds for housing because I had no car and no secure job. When I heard about the HIGH Program from my campus coach I quickly applied and hoped that I will be able to receive funding that was going to assist me getting my life started on my own and be able to survive on my own. Working on the application and waiting on the response was a very though time for me because I had no idea what the outcome was going to be. When I found out that the High Program was going to be able to help me I was excited and my stresses and worries were over. Gaining help from the HIGH Program will truly be a blessing and a major help moving forward in my adult life on my own.  

-Devonte Jones

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