Mahpara Khan

Prior to being a recipient, I had heard of the WSU HIGH Program, but I had no idea how it could help me so much. I still remember the day I discovered a little flyer on my apartment building’s front desk stating "FUNDING AVAILABLE NOW". After unsuccessfully requesting financial assistance from several other sources, discovering the WSU HIGH program almost seemed too good to be true. For me, it was like finding a lottery ticket – at that point, just having even a chance at receiving any aid was a huge blessing. The financial support this scholarship has provided me now allows me to focus better on the final stretch in completing my Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. I've always been very hardworking and goal-oriented, so having my financial burden lessened allows me to redirect my energy into my passion for learning and bettering the health of my community. It is opportunities such as this that excite me to aim higher so I can pay it forward in the future.

- Mahpara Khan

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