Quanyaria Story

Dear HIGH Program:

The investment being deposited into my future has helped secure May 9, 2017 as the day I graduate from Wayne State University with a BA of Film Studies.  Saying thank you is a small sentiment of my truest gratitude.  The words alone are not enough to convey the appreciation I have for the HIGH Program.  The programs mission speaks volumes and I serve as a testament to it, “to ensure that no student abandons their dream of earning a degree solely because of housing or financial challenges.”

It’s been a tough journey and nearing the final hour stressed financially and emotionally.  The generosity of donors supporting the HIGH Program, afforded me the opportunity to receive the support I required to maintain campus housing.  Due to complex circumstances the ability to live on campus is essential to my academic success.   I applied for assistance twice, initially when ineligible.   I refused to give in and reapplied when meeting the requirements and unchanged circumstances. 

As I grow through life I will remember what the program did for me and today I make the commitment to give back to the HIGH Program standing in the gap to support the success of another student who needs a helping hand.  It is a fact the HIGH Program is  “Helping Individuals Go Higher”.  

In Gratitude,

Quanyaria Story

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