Hansamali Sirinimal

First and foremost, I’m very thankful for the Wayne State High Program for awarding us a housing allowance of 600 $, at a time that we needed help as students. We appreciate the initiative HIGH program has taken in assisting students in need, enrolled at Wayne State university. This is a great help to us as it has been awarded to us at a time when we needed it, due to many reasons including high housing rents in the area, lack of housing availability near campus and eligibility
issues for low income housing being students.
This award will help us in giving us time to prepare financially for the upcoming semesters in terms of tuition payments, and other monthly expenses. This award will also take off a significant part of the financial stress off our minds and help us focus more on our studies and succeed in academics. Also, the recommendations of the HIGH program about the other methods of financial help for students was very important to us and we have taken the first steps to access these
opportunities as well in helping our academic work.
I would like to be thankful again for considering and awarding this opportunity to us and we hope that you will get the strength and support to continue such service to produce successful students who will in their time of ability take the initiative for noble causes of this sort.
Hansamali Sirinimal

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