Anonymous Proud Warrior

As a proud Warrior, I applied to Wayne State University Nursing program trying to follow my dream of becoming a nurse. As a mother of three, it has been a long time passion of mine as I grew up. I have loved Wayne State as a whole starting with my fellow Warriors all the way up to the President. I have had a lot of support especially in the last few weeks when things in my life changed for the worse. I found myself homeless and with now where to go. I finally found a good friend who offered me a temporary safe place to live.

I was on the verge of giving up (even as close as I was to graduation), but faculty reached out to me and I didn’t feel alone anymore. They gave me both emotional and resources that have given me another chance to get back on my feet on my way to walk across the stage. 

They referred me the HIGH program that came to my rescue. I did not feel alone anymore. The HIGH program gathered funds for me that helped me get much needed text books for my program and monies to purchase personal hygiene items. The HIGH program is a life saver and I am glad that they have such a program to assist those who need it.

If the HIGH program did not exist, I would not be able to jump right back into school mid-semester. I am really grateful for all the donors and faculty who run and keep this program running.

Again, I am really appreciative and thank the HIGH program for their support.


Anonymous Proud Warrior

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