Anonymous, College of Education, Class of May 2017

While enduring hard times within my personal life, my academics were reflecting so. I was getting very discouraged from completing school and focusing on other areas of my life. I have been in school for so long, I was focused on being done. I logged in one day and realized I had a balance of over $600. I wasn't working, I didn't have any money saved up and I was already struggling with other financial aspects.


I had heard about the HIGH Program previously and decided to take a look at their website. I read other peoples testimonies and wondered to myself if I was even in a predicament to get assistance. I filled out a form hoping for the best. They responded very quickly and with words of encouragement which is always appreciated. I was ecstatic to be notified my whole balance owed to Wayne State was going to be covered. I am not sure the position I would be in today if they weren't to offer support. It has been a gracious journey at Wayne State and it shows how many people care and want you to succeed.


Thank you for this program.

Anonymous,  College of Education, Class of 2017

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