Senior, Class of 2016

            This award has impacted the direction of my future degree and my financial halt that I was planning to face. Not only has this award relieved me financially it has also done so emotionally. Knowing that there was a chance I could be unable to register for my fall classes due to my spring/summer bill was devastating. I knew that I had to find a way to a helping hand because my finances are currently going towards other financial obligations. This award is impacting my life positively as a dedicated student because I will now be able to graduate on time due to the High Programs aiding ways. This opportunity means that I will no longer have to worry. I can earn my degree right on time. The chance to graduate was almost out of my control and if was not for this program I would have been stuck in a financial standstill with my degree on hold.



Senior, Class of 2016
BA in Fine Arts

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