Aaron Taylor

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to first thank Mrs. Jacqueline Wilson and the rest of the HIGH Program for all the help they have provided me in my time of personal financial crisis that befell me near the end of the last semester. By reaching out to the appropriate people on campus and successfully finding me available housing, the HIGH program has help alleviate the perpetual anxiety that once plagued me and will allow me to finish my last semeste of undergrad on a positive note.

I hope that the HIGH program can continue to accomplish its goal of helping stidents who may find themselves in situations that require some help in order to graduate. College is something that should be available to people who want it, and therefore any help (whether financially or other means) is of the utmost importance if they ever find themselves in circumstances that require it. As you can infer from the fact that I was provided help by the program, and if had not been offered it, then I would not have been able to finish my last semester for my BA and thus be able to move onto finishing my MA  this fall, which I expect to complete May 2017.

Once again I would like to thank both Mrs. Wilson and other members who run the program for being there and able to provide help for my circumstances.



Aaron Jack Taylor



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