Amari McGee

To whom it may concern,

My name is Amari McGee. I am a senior at Wayne State University, studying Political Science and Dance. I come from a low middle class family where education has always been important. Growing up my parents encouraged me to go to school and to do my best. Me being in college and making it thus far has made them extremely proud.

My financial aid availability has rapidly declined over the years. Although I have always struggled with paying my tuition, I found myself in a really tight bind this year. I was awarded not nearly enough money to cover my tuition costs. In June of 2015, I found myself at the financial aid office for the umpteenth time, however, this time was a different. There was not a thing the financial aid office could do for me. I had exhausted all of my financial aid resources. I was told that I would have to pay the portion of my tuition that is not covered by aid, which I could not afford. I automatically panicked. I wondered, how can I pay off what seems to be a ton of money to a struggling college student. Yes, I work two jobs but I am only allotted to work twenty hours. Not only that, with the little money I do make, I have to eat, live, buy books, etc.  Yes, my parents try to financially support me, but due to their own financial obstacles they are not much help. I knew that I had to find help soon.

 I came across the HIGH Program, in the summer of 2015, while researching financial aid options. I was able to open up and tell my story while filling out the application. I believe the HIGH Program actually cares about me and my struggle. If it was not for me receiving help from the HIGH Program, I do not know where I would stand today. Even if I tried to pay my remaining balance out of pocket, I would have had to get a third I job or drop half of my courses. For a change I can fully focus on school work without worrying and stressing about how to pay off my tuition. I am truly grateful and blessed to have been offered assistance by the HIGH Program.



Amari McGee 

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