Andrea Taube

Dear Wayne State University HIGH Program, 
My name is Andrea Taube, and I have received a Wayne State University HIGH Program award to help fund my 2015 Fall semester.  I wanted to express my sincere gratitude in receiving this award as it has made it possible for me to continue pursuing my goal of earning a degree. I am a social work student, and these are my final semesters here at Wayne State. 
I returned to school three years ago after a ten-year break to raise a family.  I have three children, and when my youngest began Kindergarten, I realized that I could reclaim a small space of time to pursue a career for myself.  Becoming a student again was a big transition in my life and the path has not always been easy.  When I realized that I did not have enough funding for my final semesters, the thought of not graduating was devastating.  It is because of this award that I can remain on course as a full-time student and graduate this April! 
I have had a wonderful experience at Wayne State.  Every professor I’ve had, especially in the field of social work, has enriched my studies and my journey.  Their experience and devotion to their careers has been contagious, and it has motivated me over the semesters to remain focused and to stay on path so that I may one day be able to make a difference in someone’s life. 
Thank you again for the generosity of your gift.  The HIGH Program has truly made it possible for me to graduate with my class this year, and I am eternally grateful! 
Andrea Taube 

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