Brian Keith Tillery

Mrs. Wilson,

This letter is a personal thank you for the assistance the High Program has given me. I am a first generation African American university student. The journey to earning a degree from Wayne State University began with a seed that my mother planted in me years ago. She told me that I have the potential to reach any goal that I set for myself. 

My mother has since, made her transition to be with the lord. However her spirit still lives within me. Earning this degree is a testament to her unwavering confidence in me and her strong faith in Gods ability to meet the needs of His people.

The High Program has been nothing less than a miracle for me. Without the assistance that I am receiving from the program my academic career would have ended. The program is certainly living up to its acronym. Helping Students Go Higher. The person responsible for creating the HIGH Program will have my eternal gratitude.

Brian Keith Tillery


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