Timothy Thomason '15

I just wanted to share with you why Wayne State University’s HIGH Program is a life saver in more ways than one. I have been having many health issues recently which have caused a big financial burden in every aspect of my life recently including putting my ability to finish my degree in jeopardy. WSU HIGH Program was able to provide me with on the spot assistance in my moment of need by covering the remaining balance on my account for my tuition that I could not afford to pay this semester. Because of their assistance I am now able to stay in my classes this semester, continue on improving my personal situation, and refocus and spend more time on my coursework now that I have one less thing to worry about. Not to sound like a broken record but because of WSU HIGH Program, I am back to the road of completing my dream of graduating with my degree in Social Work in December of 2015 and be the first family member of my family to ever obtain a college degree.
Again, thank you to the wonderful people at the WSU HIGH Program for showing me that there is always hope to achieve your dreams even during the most difficult and dark times in life.

Timothy Thomason


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