Khari Dickey '14

My name is Khari Shanay Dickey, and I am from Albion, Michigan. I decided to attend Wayne State University because it was a complete change from my hometown. Wayne State is a very prestigious university, and I was very glad to say that I was a Soon-To-Be-Warrior. Now five years later, I am housed in the College of Education studying kinesiology, exercise and sports science. My major is everything to me. Health promotion through exercise is my personal mission.

There are so many things that I like about Wayne State. I love that there are a variety of opportunities to have new experience in research, joining an organization, studying abroad, internships, and job opportunities. Honestly, I believe that there is something here for everyone to enrich his or her college experience.

The HIGH Program has supported me in situations that I thought no one at this level of education would understand. Though I have done quite well academically throughout my college career, there was a high probability I would not graduate on time. I had become unable to support myself and pay an outstanding tuition bill. There was nothing I could personally do, and I needed some help. The HIGH Program was there for me.

The HIGH Program is important to Wayne State University because it provides a support system for less fortunate students. It should not matter what socioeconomic background a student comes from. As long as they are putting their best foot forward regarding their studies, that should be enough. Money should not determine whether or not a student gets a well-rounded education. I hope that the HIGH Program will continue to provide a support system for hardworking students that simply need a little extra help.

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