WSU Candidate Masters, Social Work '16

The High Program Award has enabled my continuation in the MSW program at Wayne State by investing in my ability to achieve success given the necessary resources and opportunities. The HIGH Program reached out to me after I spoke out about my struggles in a survey as a requirement of academic probation due to receiving a B- in a Policy course last semester. Last semester I acquired three of six required textbooks for my courses and earned a 3.25/4.0 GPA. I was really proud of my efforts given the disadvantaged I had to deal with. This semester I was able to rent four out of seven required textbooks and the HIGH Program has assisted me with obtaining the last of my textbooks which is a huge blessing and the primary answer to my problems within my coursework. I appreciate the investment that the HIGH Program has made in me with the intent to help me successfully complete my graduate education. I am motivated by my situation in the sense that my social context leave more to be desired and pursued even in the face of adversity. I am committed to being the best me I can be and I am grateful that the HIGH Program realized my vision and dedication to my goal of completing my Master’s of Social Work degree and becoming a Licensed Social Worker in the city of Detroit. This is a very empowering award to receive and I am excited to be able to finally be completely prepared for my classes.

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