St. John's Church Gives Back to the Community by Donating to the HIGH Program

St. John's Church of Detroit is no stranger to giving back to the city of Detroit. As a staple of Downtown Detroit on Woodward Avenue since 1859, the church has not only seen the ups and downs of the city, but lived through it as well. Through everything, St. John's has always had a relentless passion for the community and giving back to it. It's safe to say that the beauty of the church is only matched by the charitable efforts it has made over the years.

With this information, it is no surprise that they would award a grant to a program like the HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) Program at Wayne State. Like the church, the HIGH Program has a passion for giving back to the Detroit community. Its mission of helping students earn their degrees despite housing or financial challenges is one that fits perfectly in-line with the idea of giving back to the people in our community. The HIGH Program is honored to be acknowledged by such a staple of the Detroit community.

To learn more about how the WSU HIGH Program is making a positive impact on the lives of students, find us on the web at To make a donation and be featured in our next News and Events article, email . Help us eliminate the most dire problems- poverty, homelessness, and hunger- in students who are working hard towards graduation.

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