HIGH POINTS: WSU hosts annual Baroudeur Bike Race

Enthusiastic cyclists rode through the Motor City and beyond in support of Wayne State University student scholarships during the 2018 Baroudeur Bike Race.

Baroudeur means fighter or warrior in French. It is a term used in cycling for riders not afraid to break away from the peloton and do things on their own, even if they might be an underdog.

"I think it really says something about the Baroudeur spirit in Detroit," said WSU president Roy Wilson. Also, this is a great way for people to come out and see our campus and it's a great way for people to come see Detroit."

In an effort to accommodate both seasoned cyclists and first-timers, participants could opt to ride various distances, from twenty to one-hundred miles. Cyclists were welcomed to enjoy several amenities during the day, such as a post-ride lunch and refreshments along the route.

Many students expressed how beneficial events like the Baroudeur are in supporting their academic endeavors.

"There is a lot of bills, there is a lot of tuition to pay and I think it helped my family to say that undergrad came at a price that we could afford," said one student.

A portion of the proceeds for each fee to ride went towards the HIGH Program, which helps financially stressed students at Wayne State University reach their goal to graduate.

More information about the Baroudeur Bike race can be found at https://baroudeur.wayne.edu/

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