First Lady Jacqueline Wilson to speak about the HIGH Program

Wayne State's HIGH Program - which stands for "Helping Individuals Go Higher" - was established in 2013 to ensure that no student abandons their dream of earning a degree solely because of housing or financial challenges.

Designed to assist students in crisis who have exhausted all other funding options, and for whom homelessness is imminent without intervention, the HIGH Program provides short-term bridge funding to enable a student in crisis to get back on track, focusing on filling a gap.

First lady of Wayne State University and HIGH Program Founding Director Jacqueline Wilson will talk about the program as part of the Humanities Center Brown Bag Colloquium Series at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the Student Center Building, Hilberry B.

The one-hour presentation, "Supporting Student Success: Wayne State University's 'Helping Individuals Go Higher' (HIGH) Program," is free and open to the general public.

Some students at Wayne State are homeless, while others are precariously housed, meaning that they rely on temporary housing with friends or relatives, or are "couch surfing."

Some students are in a position where they must choose between paying their school bills or other necessities such as food, prescriptions, transportation and other critical needs. These students may be reluctant to seek help, may lack family and community support, and may face low expectations. Sometimes a helping hand, a few dollars or consistent housing can mean the difference between earning a college degree and dropping out.

Since its inception, the HIGH Program has received more than 300 applications for assistance and has helped more than 130 students with financial support or direct referrals to an alternative funding source. The program's goal is to support at least 50 students per year.

Without the support of generous donors, the HIGH Program would not be possible. There are various ways to support the program, including:
• Donating to the HIGH Program scholarship fund
• Sponsoring a student to provide housing
• Donating supplies or time
• Raising awareness

For more information about the upcoming event, visit
"Supporting Student Success: Wayne State University's 'Helping Individuals Go Higher' (HIGH) Program".

Further information about the HIGH Program is available at

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