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Meredith Campbell



Receiving this award from the HIGH program here at WSU will help me in many ways. I am a fifth year senior and recently changed my major from psychology to biology in hopes to applying to PA school. I knew that this was going to set me back a couple of semesters but I was really excited for the change. My first four years at Wayne State I commuted about 45 minutes every day and lived at home with my mom. Last year my mom moved to Chicago and I have been living in Detroit on my own since then. My mom is who helps me get through school and help with living expenses and my first four years I worked full time and really struggled through school.My mom was the first person in our family to get a college degree and she is currently getting her masters degree, she was always very supportive as a single mother who wanted my sister and I to graduate with a college degree. My senior year I decided to quit that full time job and started working for Beaumont once a week, I know currently work for Beaumont Hospice and thankfully my supervisor has been very supportive with my school schedule and studying needs. Receiving this award will allow me to spend less time working and worrying about money and tuition, and allow me to focus on studying and graduating. Thank you for considering me for this award and I would love to participate in any way I can help other students.

Thank you,

Meredith Campbell

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