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With this award I was able to successfully finish this semester as well as keep my home, while putting me in the best position to continue on the path to my degree.India F.
Being a full-time student only allowed me to work part-time and I had exhausted all my financial aid options including personal loans.Antoinette U
Continuing my education and graduating college is my number one goal and this program has enabled me to continue my dreamsTiara P.
I am so thankful that The High Program has done this for me and I am excited to start this new journey in my life.Shardae B.
Without the High Program I will not be able to live on campus. Living on campus will secure food, Internet, and other basic needs I have a hard time having at home. Eriyon A.
The HIGH program provided me a way to be able to stay afloat and on track for graduation.Cierra C
Growing up I never saw myself being able to get this far. Arielle Duncan
I can already see the impact the HIGH program and it's award has had on me.-Anonymous
Before the assistance from the HIGH program I was stuck in a difficult spotLydia Fhangle
"Wow, I can’t believe I got some help here!"Anonymous, but soooo grateful
“Life took an unexpected turn and as a result I became burdened with many responsibilities all at once. This made it difficult to keep up with financial obligations for school. Gwendolyn Morgan
It is with much joy and happiness that I reflect my appreciation for the generous financial blessing. Upon receipt of this award, a financial burden has been lifted from me.Anonymous
"I was faced with so many unforeseen predicaments, that often times I wanted to give up and just take those situations as they come. We can plan in life, but sometimes, all those plans don't see fruition as we face situations we never thought we would. Life just happens!. I am proud to say, that, thanks to High Program, I will be able to graduate December of 2017."Alma M Martinez
The HIGH Program has helped me a great deal. As I am so close to graduation, I’ve faced many barriers that could potentially stop me from what I’ve been working hard for, for over four years.Anonymous
It was an honor to receive funding, which served as a great motivation to continue excelling in my courses.Fadya Siso
"The aide I’ve received through the HIGH program was a great relief for myself. It allowed me to purchase the books and supplies I needed in order to succeed during my last semester of undergrad at Wayne State and graduate with my degree.Anonymous
"The struggle for me has been real however, I remain positive and kept moving forward when obstacles came my way. I am a single parent taking care of two kids who is my main support system through all of this. I consider myself to be an example of someone who strives for excellence against all odds. I am truly thankful for this program to assist me in continuing my education and being a part of my road to success. "Shaneka Massey   
" I am grateful that there is a program in place that wants to help in this way.  Since my tuition is paid, I now can receive my degree and move on to helping others who need it.  HIGH Program, Thank You for your dedication to helping those in need."Anonymous
"I really appreciate the HIGH program and everything that you do for needy students at the University."Alison McGhee
"I want to start this message by saying, "thank you so much for this award." I honestly couldn't stress how thankful I am. Being able to receive this help has really impacted my life in many ways."Alberto Alvarez
" I can now use the days I had planned to work extra hours to prepare for my exams and review my notes. So, it’s safe to say this reward is helping me be a better student! I am so thankful for this help, I was not sure how I was going to clear the remaining balance myself. It feels good to know Wayne State wants me to graduate and cares enough to offer an award like this."Jelana Smith
"The WSU H.I.G.H program helped to provide financial assistance with my educational expenses to ensure that there were no barriers to finish my last two courses.The creation of this program was a great idea and helps to meet the needs of so many students."Anonymous 
"I cannot express how amazing it feels to be on the receiving end of this award. I am so blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to attend a University "Made in Detroit". I am the first person in my family to graduate college, my parents could not afford to complete their education.  As a recipient of the HIGH program I am now a little closer to the "American Dream"."Anonymous
"I am very thankful for this award. Now, I will have more time to save extra money for the following semesters. I work full-time and attend school full-time. At times it becomes difficult to manage everything, especially the financial aspect of it. I am very excited because this is my last year and I feel like this award allowed me to be a step closer to graduation."Natasha Ortiz
"My educational pursuits would not be possible without the generous support of the HIGH Program. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. This experience is something that I will never forget, and I know that the affects of this will reach far beyond the monetary sum of the award." Alexis Akins
"With the help of the High Program, a great deal of that stress will elevate and I can focus my energy on the course I am enrolled in. This program is a true blessing, I’m humbled that a program like this exists for students who need help financially and are struggling to finish their education."Anonymous
"This award was a very encouraging thing to receive as it was a huge stress reliever for me and my family. The HIGH program is an amazing, generous program that helps students that are truly in need of financial help and are focused on their future, move forward with their education and excel in school. I am truly thankful for receiving this award from the HIGH program as it will assist me tremendously."Anonymous
" I thought I was going to have to drop my summer classes because I wasn't able to afford it but this little secret program that I was completely unaware of really saved my life. I think it's a program that should be known. The people contacting me were so nice and supporting. It's amazing to know Wayne state university offers such great support to people who need it."Anonymous 
"I am grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to furthering my education at Wayne State University."Tasia Jackson
"Receiving this award will allow me to spend less time working and worrying about money and tuition, and allow me to focus on studying and graduating."Meredith Campbell
"[The HIGH Program] went above and beyond to help me and I will be forever grateful. Because of their help I am one step closer to graduating with my bachelor in social work and I hope to use my degree to help others in the same way they have helped me to succeed."DeJani White 
"I am very grateful for the support of High Program which has helped me fund my tuition fees. I really appreciate the High Program for helping me become a better student."Anonymous
"I would like to contest that this is one of the most amazing gifts that I have received in years. I am extremely thankful and would like to give my fullest gratitude. . I have ultimately enjoyed every experience that I have had at Wayne State, and thanks to the HIGH program I can finish this semester up."Raphael R
"When I found out that the High Program was going to be able to help me I was excited and my stresses and worries were over. Gaining help from the HIGH Program will truly be a blessing and a major help moving forward in my adult life on my own."Devonte Jones
"This award will fulfill my goal of graduating by December and also make my parents proud that I did something they could not when they were in India and that is getting a degree."Priyan S. Patel
"The impact this award will have will go a long way. It pushes me to work harder, and gives me understanding of the way things are supposed to happen in life and how every timing is perfect for reasons we owe ourselves to discover."Ali Beydoun
"I've always been very hardworking and goal-oriented, so having my financial burden lessened allows me to redirect my energy into my passion for learning and bettering the health of my community. It is opportunities such as this that excite me to aim higher so I can pay it forward in the future."Mahpara Khan
"Being a first generation college student, I know how important it is for me to finish and continue my education after undergraduate. I will be going into my senior year in the fall, I am beyond motivated to finish. Thank you, Wayne State University and the High Program for helping me with my transportation, I am forever grateful!"Dionno Moore, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of 2018 
"Obtaining this degree will be a blessing to me, because I will be the only person in my immediate family to graduate high school and college."Anonymous , School of Social Work, Class of 2017
"I am extremely thankful for the HIGH program."Anonymous, Junior, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
"I was in the final stretch of my undergraduate education, and the HIGH Program saw me through to the finish line....The HIGH Program truly cares about the success of Wayne State students, and I am overjoyed to be one of them." Steffani Traskos
"It’s been a tough journey and nearing the final hour stressed financially and emotionally. The generosity of donors supporting the HIGH Program, afforded me the opportunity to receive the support I required to maintain campus housing."Quanyaria Story
"This award, this program means so much to other students like myself, who have the drive and the goals, but still fall a little flat due to powers out of their control."Shelby Klobucar
"Financial obstacles are always challenging for students who doesn’t have support. First, being awarded by my school is a signal of hope and motivation from the school to student not to give up and to strive for your goals."Ali Ismail
"This program helped me in my time of need. I was in a position where my roommate moved out unexpectedly. My car note was due and so was my remaining tuition along with a couple other bills. I was running out of options...Without them I don’t know what I would have done. My only other option was to discontinue my final semester."Eboni Turner
"Thank you again for assisting not only me but countless students who suffer from the same financial crisis as I did. This is a true blessing."Anonymous, ​​​​​​​Doctorate Student, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 
" I will now be able to pursue my life long dream after graduation after going through much financial struggle the past year. After working so hard to try and get by, it is a great feeling to know that there is help out there and I can complete my education."-Anonymous, Senior, College of Nursing, Class of 2017
"Words cannot express enough how thankful I truly am and I cannot describe in enough detail how much you have helped me. Thank you so very much."Chastity M. Brown
"When I saw the email from your program and read that I would be awarded the funds, I literally cried with joy. This award means that I can continue my education without interruption, and graduate from Wayne State University."Anonymous - Senior, College of Fine, Performing & Communication Arts
"Thanks to the HIGH Program, I can now afford to succeed and give back when I obtain my nursing degree to help others who were just like me. I would not have graduated this upcoming May had I not received you guys' help."Desiree R. Stokes, Senior, College of Nursing, Class of 2017
"With my current situation, I found myself leaving home and at a risk of being homeless...Without the HIGH program, I would not be in the better off position that I am. Thank you for everything."Katelin Madaski
"This award will also take off a significant part of the financial stress off our minds and help us focus more on our studies and succeed in academics."Hansamali Sirinimal
"The high program financial assistance has made it possible for me to be a productive asset to society. When I graduate with my degree I'll be able to provide a better lifestyle for my family."Anonymous, Candidate Masters, School of Social Work
"I would like to thank the WSU H.I.G.H. Program for their support in helping me achieve my goal of earning an Bachelor's Degree."Anonymous, Junior at the College of Engineering
"This was a relief not only because I didn’t have to miss work but it took the pressure off me to figure out what I was going to do to get my car repaired so I could focus on my studies. I am so grateful for the program and the staff who manage the program."Anonymous
"The award will help me succeed as a student by providing me with nutrition and vitamins to allow my memory better perform during mid-terms and finals. It also will help by eliminating financial stress allowing me to focus directly on my classes and studies."Anonymous, Senior, School of Business
"Thanks to the HIGH program, I can now afford to succeed. I will be able to finish this semester, register for next semester and complete my degree."Anonymous, Class of 2017
"The HIGH program gathered funds for me that helped me get much needed text books for my program and monies to purchase personal hygiene items. The HIGH program is a life saver and I am glad that they have such a program to assist those who need it."Anonymous Proud Warrior
"Your investment will not only assist me personally now, it will help countless vulnerable people who I am committed to serve in the future as a professional social worker."Luciana de Oliveira
"Receiving this award has helped me reduce my financial burdens and has provided assistance for me as I continue pursuing my education." Vachal Moore Jr.- Communications Major Class of 2018
"Without the books that were needed for my courses, I knew it was going to be nearly impossible to get the grades needed."College of Nursing Student, Class of 2020
"I am not sure the position I would be in today if they weren't to offer support. It has been a gracious journey at Wayne State and it shows how many people care and want you to succeed."Anonymous, College of Education, Class of May 2017
"The WSU HIGH program was definitely a blessing that I really needed."Anonymous, College of Engineering, Class of 2018
"The chance to graduate was almost out of my control and if was not for this program I would have been stuck in a financial standstill with my degree on hold."Senior, Class of 2016
"This award shows me that no matter what I go through, if I put my mind to it and work hard, my dream of receiving my degree in social work will come true." Tylia Henry, LLBSW
"College is something that should be available to people who want it, and therefore any help (whether financially or other means) is of the utmost importance if they ever find themselves in circumstances that require it."Aaron Taylor
"College is stressful enough without having to worry about having money for food, housing and transportation, the program helps alleviate and manage that stress"Colleen Messimer
"With their help I was able to stay focused on my school work rather than worry about finding a way to eat."Amanda Dufty
"You should never give up even when it seems that all is lost."F. McNeill
"I am really grateful to the HIGH program and can’t thank you all enough for what you all have done for me!"E’lexis Gay
"The High program gives students like me a chance to achieve their educational goals."Wayne State Senior 2016
If it was not for their generosity, I probably would have to go back home without a degree.Brittany Hemphill
The program pursued every option possible to give me a place to lay my head at night...Austin Peterson
"With the little money I do make, I have to eat, live, buy books... I believe the HIGH Program actually cares about me and my struggle."Amari McGee
"The High Program has been nothing less than a miracle for me."Brian Keith Tillery
It is because of this award that I can remain on course as a full-time student and graduate this April!Andrea Taube
I am very grateful to Mrs. Jacqueline Wilson and her staff for reaching out to me and helping me to continue my degree...Grateful Student
"The HIGH Program did for me what I thought no one else could!"Jessica Jackson
Without the HIGH Program, I wouldn't be in a position to complete my bachelor’s degree in social work :)Humbly, Michael Dubose
"I'm so blessed that High Program was able to help me in my time of need"WSU Senior, B.G.
"Where would I be now if it weren’t for the HIGH program?"Ramsey Turkmani
The HIGH Program has aided me in succeeding this semester!Banen Al-Sheemary, Winter 2014
The High Program Award has enabled my continuation in the MSW program at Wayne State by investing in my ability to achieve success...WSU Candidate Masters, Social Work '16
"I am writing to extend my sincere thanks for providing this outstanding educational opportunity"Taneeka Mack
"It is with great certainty that I make these statements because of the generosity of the H.I.G.H Program"WSU Senior '15
"I am on the brink of graduating because of the contributions of the HIGH Program"Richard Winfrey '14
"Words cannot describe how thankful I am to be a part of this program."Rayven McMurray, WSU Student
"I am very thankful for the assistance that I have received from the HIGH Program"WSU Senior '15
"It means so much to know that there are people doing what they can to assist me in completing my educational goals."WSU Student, G.B.
Office of Counseling and Psychological ServicesDr. Sara Byczek
"Wayne State University's HIGH Program is a life saver in more ways than one!"Timothy Thomason '15
"I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to graduate!"WSU Senior '14
"There will always be life struggles and obstacles but the High program is one that you can count on."WSU Senior '14
"Her family was not in a position to help her and she would likely have to drop out of WSU."Dr. Justine Kane
"I needed some help. The HIGH Program was there for me"Khari Dickey '14