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The President’s Commission on the Status of Women (COSW) donates proceeds of the Equal Pay Day Bake sale to the WSU HIGH Program

May 2, 2016

The President’s Commission on the Status of Women (COSW) is an integral part of Wayne State University, addressing issues and concerns surrounding the status women in the University. Established in 1971, the organization stands on six different committees that all work together to advise and make recommendations regarding equality in policies and procedures campus-wide and increase communication and representation among women of university, local, and national levels.

The COSW is not only investing in the lives of women, but in students facing financial hardships as well. The campus organization donated the proceeds of their Equal Pay Day bake sale, which took place on April 12, 2016, to benefit needy students plagued with financial challenges.

The WSU HIGH Helping Individuals Go Higher Program has been assisting students through housing support, childcare assistance, and tuition scholarships since 2013. It is because of the generous support of our local Detroit community and campus organizations such as COSW, that allow the HIGH program to continue onward, full-filling its extraordinary mission to end student hunger and homelessness in Detroit.

With student debt at an all-time high and university drop-outs on the rise, one can understand why it is crucial, now more than ever, for the community to collectively come together as one and offer assistance to alleviate the financial burden. The HIGH Program aims at contributing to social change through intervention, education and community awareness.

For more information regarding the services COSW has to offer, see their website at cosw.way.edu. To find out more about the WSU HIGH Program or to make a donation to better the life of a student, contact us by email at wsuhighprogram@wayne.edu  or phone (313) 577-9933. You, too, can give a young, struggling student a pat on the back, a breath of fresh air, and the motivation to succeed.