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Wayne State HIGH Program receives IT boost from local company

November 16, 2015


November 4, 2015

The Wayne State University HIGH Program exists so students do not have to choose between financing basic necessities and earning a college degree. Thanks to a generous donation from Re-Source Partners, an IT company based in Troy, Michigan, students in the program will not have to worry about having access to a crucial necessity in today’s world — a computer. 

Re-Source Partners gave a mix of refurbished laptop and desktop computers to the HIGH Program on Oct. 30. The donation gives students easier access to the technology necessary to complete their coursework and earn their degrees. 

"We're so grateful to Re-source Partners for reaching out to the HIGH Program," said WSU's first lady and founder of the HIGH Program, Jacqueline Wilson. "Trust and believe, this extraordinary gift will change the lives of ten students--one student at a time."

“I can tell you that having laptops available for students with emergencies means a lot,” said WSU student Michelle Matthews. “I had my laptop stolen last year and didn’t have the money to replace it. Fortunately, the HIGH Program and C&IT Helpdesk stepped in and worked together to set me up with a laptop. I was able to complete all my assignments on time and successfully complete the semester.”

In addition to committing these valuable resources to the HIGH Program, Re-Source Partners is working with WSU’s Dean of Student’s Office to offer all Wayne State students significantly discounted laptops and desktops. Students can purchase the computers at re-sourcepartners.com/wayne-state-university-purchase-program/

“Technology is integral for educating and preparing our youth for the future,” said Re-Source Partners General Manger John Spagnuolo. “By donating computers to this cause we are investing in the next generation.”