Wayne State University
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Words from our Founding Director

Jacqueline Wilson

May it Be Happy

May 2018

Did you know that the flower that is associated with May, lily of the valley, means a return of happiness? After a long, cold winter, this is exactly what May feels like. The nature that is now fully awake, blossoms and flourishes under the loving sun.

         Homeless and financially struggling students at Wayne State University are dreaming about the happy days ahead, when basic needs like food and shelter will no longer be a daily worry, when they graduate, acquire a job and begin a life full of delivered promises and opportunities.

Education is the key that is able to open a heavy door that leads to a life free of anxiety, pain, hunger, and uncertainty. Your contribution, large or small, helps bring our most vulnerable students one step closer to the moment of walking through this door and leaving all the fear and darkness behind. Thanks to you, they are now able to return to the days of happiness, or discover the happiness they’ve never known.

         We are proud yet humbled to say that over 200 Wayne State University’s at-risk students were able to find their happiness by graduating. They are now lawyers, nurses, engineers, and journalists who are able to share their knowledge and expertise with their community.

Miracles do happen  

Thank you.

Jacqueline Wilson