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Words from our Founding Director

Founder's words December 2019

December 2019

Jacqueline Wilson

About 90 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas – that is a lot of wrapping paper! For many of us, Christmas is the highlight of the year, but there's more to December than a visit from Santa…

For instance: exams! Finals are tough just by themselves, but for the homeless students they are an added challenge.

When most people think of a homeless person, they have a certain picture in their minds. What they might not know is that a homeless person could be anybody, and there are homeless students at Wayne State University.

Homeless and precariously housed students are the main focus of the HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) Program. These students have taken on the challenge of college, even as they struggle for shelter, food, transportation to get to classes and child care. They have a dream of completing their college education, and just need a helping hand. The HIGH Program offers that hand up.

Jacqueline Wilson