Wayne State University
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Words from our Founding Director

Jacqueline Wilson

Let Freedom Ring, Now and Forever!

July 2018

Happy Birthday, America! For over 240 years now our red, white and blue nation has been a happy home for many of its citizens. A special thank you to all of the men and women fighting for our liberty. Alongside fighting for freedom comes a new fight facing our students right here in Midtown, Detroit: homelessness.

         The Helping Individuals Go Higher Program has been combatting this issue together with Wayne State University students since 2013. The stories we’ve heard vary from couch-surfing and unemployment to domestic abuse cases, the loss of a loved one, going days without food, and having no resources to help support their families. These unimaginable life circumstances ultimately leave victims without a home, feeling desperate and hopeless. They feel lost, broken, and scared.

         The HIGH Program exists to relieve the burdens of these students, lessen their stress, and pave their way for a brighter future filled with hope. Your gifts make our efforts possible. This Independence Day, let us not forget those fighting for our country and the students closer to home, fighting for their lives.

Together we can make this a winning battle.

Thank you.

Jacqueline Wilson