Wayne State University
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Words from our Founding Director

Jacqueline Wilson

Home for the Holidays

December 2017

As the song goes, there’s “no place like home for the holidays.” Sadly, some of our student population here at Wayne State has no place to call home, due to personal tragedy, job loss, eviction, fire or a myriad of unforeseen circumstances.

A little over four years ago, my journey to end student homelessness began. Little did I know this effort would change hundreds of lives, including my own.

Here at HIGH, we pride ourselves in meeting students where they are in life, helping to foster hope from all directions. It is rewarding work watching grief turn to smiles, anxiety turn to relief, and deep distress to pure joy. To me, that’s what truly makes the season bright.

My message to you is this: thank you. Your gifts have given the homeless and disadvantaged students we serve a second chance at life, a better chance, a “home for the holidays.”

This holiday season, give your gifts, but also give your time, your compassion, your talent, your love; it’s a gift that gives back to you tenfold.

From our home to yours,

Thank you.

Jacqueline Wilson