Wayne State University
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Words from our Founding Director

Jacqueline Wilson

Fostering New Beginnings

March 2018

Look around you. The spring weather is beginning to uncover the ground that has been hidden under a heavy blanket of snow for several months. It is welcoming new life and softly waking up nature from its heavy winter sleep.

Unlike the blanket of snow that covers the ground for only a few months, homelessness is a tragedy in a student’s world that stays nearly invisible all year long, hiding under the covers of shame, fear, and insecurity.  These students fight every second of their lives to gain a chance for a different future, for a place they can call home, for basic personal safety.

I have seen the pain of those students reaching out to the HIGH Program in moments of despair, on the brink of eviction, asking for help. They had run out of resources and had no one to count on but themselves. It is a very hard path to walk alone.

The HIGH Program was born to become a source of support for dedicated Wayne State University students who got trapped in the socioeconomic nightmare of homelessness and insecurity. Since the beginning of the program, your generous contributions have helped over 200 students reach their dream of graduation.

Spring is a symbol of new beginnings, the symbol of new life. With warm air, it brings gentle promise of hope. Because of your kindness, HIGH Program students embrace that hope.    

Thank you for all that you do.

Jacqueline Wilson